Fanelle was founded by Fiona Lawrie

Fiona Lawrie is a Mechanic from Melbourne, Victoria. Fiona began the Fanelle network in April 2013 with the support of 10 other women in different trades, this network has rapidly expanded and Fanelle is now working with women across Australia. Fanelle is a group of women representing many non-traditional trades such as carpentry, electrical and automotive etc.

Fanelle brings industry and tradespeople together to create awareness and support for women working in the male dominated trade industry.
Fanelle’s mission is to ensure society and the trade industry adapts to social change by supporting, encouraging and empowering women working in male dominated trades. At Fanelle we want to encourage women to take a chance at a career that will change their lives, and offer them support along the way.

Fanelle is always looking to get in touch with more women working in the trade industries and expanding its network.Fanelle can offer you support, social networking, job assistance and sponsorship opportunities. We are all about supporting women working in trades and working together to change the perception put on our Tradey Ladies.

If you want to become more involved drop us an e-mail